Top 5 Storylines for Nairo Saga


2GG’s second S-tier event is set to kick off this weekend. Nairo saga looks to celebrate on of the community’s favorite stars while also providing a spectacular tournament. As is the way with 2GG, most of the top PGR players are in attendance, along with hidden bosses from around the world. In any event of this magnitude, there are plenty of stories to examine. Here are the top five storylines for Nairo Saga.

5. Cleansed ANTi

The first six months of 2017 have not been kind to everyone’s favorite Twitter character. We had barely seen ANTi grace a Top 8 all year. Then, in true ANTi fashion, the young star returned to power at Greninja Saga–making Top 8 and defeating ZeRo along the way. Before that win, the book on ANTi was written for this PGR season. Now, with a strong win and another high finish under his belt, he’s just one S-tier win away from rejoining the top 10 conversation. Will we see new pocket picks? Another exciting popoff? At this point no one can possibly predict how ANTi will perform this weekend, and just how far he’ll go.

4. Cosmos is Here

If you’re new to the Smash 4 scene, you may be unfamiliar with Cosmos. He’s a Corrin main who showed a great deal of promise in a few events last year. Many top pros call him the best Corrin in the game. Unfortunately, due to school demands he has been unable to travel to major tournaments. This weekend, we’ll finally see Cosmos at a high profile tournament. Corrin is a character with plenty of potential, but the mains of the character have yet to truly impress in bracket. Will this weekend be Cosmos’ big debut? Will he finally show just what Corrin can do at the top level?

3. The Naifus

Civil War had the Japanese, Greninja Saga had the frogs, and Nairo Saga has the Naifus. True to form, 2GG has worked tirelessly to not only celebrate Nairo, but the dedicated fanbase he has cultivated. Several mainstays of his “Naifu Wars” online tournament series have been flown out to compete this weekend. We’ve seen great moments from Icymist, and already discussed Cosmos, but there are several other names on their way to SoCal. In particular, many eyes will be on Twi. Samsora has shown us just how far a Peach main can go, will Twi continue the trend?

Remember, these players, along with some high profile Zero Suit Samus mains, were funded by the community to compete. Most of the frogs, who were similarly funded, drowned early at Greninja Saga, perhaps the Naifus will prove themselves more equal to the task at hand.

2. The 2GGC

Remember how this is still a thing? You’d be forgiven for forgetting, but the winner of Nairo Saga will automatically qualify for the 2GGC finals in December. So far we’ve seen ZeRo, Dabuz, and Ally punch their tickets. Will someone play gatekeeper yet again, or will a fourth contender lock in their spot?

Don’t forget, in addition to victory, players can also qualify for the finals by earning enough points across the full circuit. Like Civil War, Nairo Saga will be worth double the points. Fatality leapt ahead of the competition by coming in second at Civil War due to the bonus points. One good run at Nairo Saga could open the door for anyone.

1. Nairo’s Promise

At Civil War, Nairo stood on the stage next to Champ as they announced Nairo Saga. When Nairo took the mic, he promised the community that the 2GG Saga Curse would be broken at this event.

So far, no player has ever won their own saga. The best player in the world, ZeRo, failed to even reach Grand Finals at ZeRo Saga. The Midwest collectively fell short at Midwest Mayhem Saga. No frogs even came close at Greninja Saga. The curse remains the most difficult matchup in all of smash. Nairo is coming off a strong win at Momocon. He has momentum, and the community behind him. Will it be enough to overcome an undefeated curse?

This weekend promises plenty of high level competition, with lots of fun to spare. 2GG have become the masters of theming their events, and everything about Nairo Saga celebrates everything that makes Nairo so special to the community. Civil War was the biggest event in Smash 4’s history, but Nairo Saga may be the best theme 2GG has ever devised. Be sure to follow 2GGaming on Twitter for all updates, stream links, and more memes than you can possibly handle.

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